Car Interior Detailing


Waterless Detailing

What is waterless detailing?

We utilize unique solutions and chemicals that help to pull out dirt and grime from car surfaces allowing us to wipe it off quickly. Prevent potential damage associated with power washing.

Benefits of waterless detailing.

  • utilizes 98% less water
  • protect paint from potential damage
  • Carnauba wax is used in our cleaning solution so your car has a cleaner more saturated look

Is my car waterless detailed?

All cars in NYC are waterless detailed. Our Toronto locations will be phasing our traditional methods in the upcoming months.

Valet Pick-up & Drop-off

Do you insure my car?

Yes we are fully insured incase of any accidents.

Valet Radius

Within 1.5miles (3km) from our locations.

Valet Time

An estimated 30mins will be added to your service.

Who will be driving my car?

All vehicle driving is handled by our vetted Managers & Team Leads. Also we are fully insured incase of accidents.


Can I pause my Subscription?

Yes. Contact us through text, live chat, or call, and we can pause your account for up to 3 months.

Do I need a different Subscription per vehicle?

No. You can use your subscription on any vehicle by just adding that vehicle to your Garage under the Account page.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Service inspection.

When your vehicle is done, whether you pick it up or drop it off, our manager/team lead will do a walk-through of your car with you to ensure that it meets the quality standards of our facility. Any spots missed will be touched up on the spot.